Membership ...

Generally, Te Marua grounds and facilities are for use by members or visitors from other affiliated naturist organisations. However, visitors are always welcome.

Our membership is comprised of men and women from all walks of life, the young, and the not so young.

Those interested in applying for membership should first contact the Membership Secretary. A time will be arranged for you to visit. You will be shown around, given a brief introduction to naturist 'etiquette'.Membership is 'provisional' for the first year. To understand how the club operates read the constitution. As a member, you can lease a powered or unpowered site on the grounds for a caravan or cabin.

Membership Fees

to 31st March 2017
Membership (per adult) $270

Site Fees

NOTE: For stays of more than 100 nights / year (to 31 March) camping fees will apply. $340
Children under 18 - F R E E !